Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin is a Programmer at MHG. In this role, he is insatiably curious about exploring the different ways users interact with our internal Customer Relationship Management, Client Portal and website solutions. He has been in pursuit of creating elegant, efficient, intuitive, innovative enterprise-grade software products that focus on making a human connection with users’ needs through user-centric human interfaces which in turn inherently increase productivity and reflect our brand.

Before joining MHG in 2014, Jeff spent the last 35 years developing software solutions. The fluctuating nature of technology keeps him passionate about learning and integrating cutting edge technologies. Implementing this expertise builds upon a users’ mental model or expectations of modern software. He has built up a diverse technological skill set and has a background in the life insurance and automotive industries.

He actively donates his time and motorcycle to rid the world of breast cancer. 

Dennis DeYoung was his music teacher.

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