MHG Group

The MHG Group of companies serves the global insurance marketplace for Health, Life, Disability, Travel, Property and Casualty insurance. Founded in 1991, the group includes companies located in the US and Europe and is committed to providing our clients across all areas of our business with the highest level of advice, service and support. Our extensive relationships with U.S. and international insurance carriers ensure that we offer our clients truly independent advice and a wide choice of insurance providers and products.

Originally specializing in the insurance of crew in the cruise, yacht and commercial sectors, MHG has expanded its scope of services to include US Life & Health and Business Insurance for local as well as multi-state employers and businesses. Since 2010, in addition to insurance, MHG also provides medical management and consulting services. MHG's medical staff combines its extensive experience in the medical field with many years of experience in the shipboard environment and provides a number of services addressing both operational as well as regulatory needs.

With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Houston, the Cote d'Azur, Isle of Man and Hamburg, MHG is perfectly placed to serve our U.S. and international clientele.